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Derriere Review, Paris

September 29, 2012

Restaurant: Derriere Location: 69, rue des Gravilliers, Paris (3rd) Zagat Food Score: 15/30 Jelly Good Food Score: 7.5/10 Ambiance: Hipsterville Interesting fact: a creation of Mourad Mazouz (Momo, Sketch, 404) Le Review Dinner with friends during a weekend trip to Paris. Walking through a discreet archway off rue des Gravillers, you are stepping inside a portal transporting you into a micro universe that is restaurant Derriere.  You will then find yourself in…

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Bubbledogs Review

September 2, 2012

Restaurant: Bubbledogs Cuisine: American Location: Fitzrovia The bill: £26 per person, but depends  on which Champagne you order! Chef: James Knappett Ambiance: Crowded, cosy, log-cabin-esque Jelly Good Food Rating: 7/10 Le Review: Fast food week!  9pm Friday night we made it to Bubbledogs, their third night after opening, together with a large group of friends (they only take bookings if you are 6 or more, and we didn’t fancy queuing). The concept is…

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Dirty Burger, Kentish Town

September 1, 2012

Restaurant: Dirty Burger Cuisine: American Location: Highgate/Kentish Town The bill: £27 total  including beers Ambiance: “Rustic Grunge” Jelly Good Food Rating: 7/10 Le Review: London’s lusty affair with trendy-no-frills burger joints continues.  Thursday night, on the way home from work, Jelly visited Dirty Burger, which is just behind Pizza East, Kentish town.  The venue is certainly a bit dirty: basically its a small metal shack between Pizza East and the…

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Hakkasan, Hanway Place, London Restaurant Review

July 22, 2012

Restaurant: Hakkasan, Hanway Place, London Zagat Food Score: 26 Site: Cuisine: Chinese Bill: £80+ per person Hakkasan has been in the worlds top 50 restaurants for a couple of years now. I’ve eaten at a good number of Michelin Star restarants, on a good number of continents. I’d like to think that I have a general understanding of what I should expect from a place listed in the guide.…

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As good as breakfast dishes get…Smoked salmon with bernaise sauce

May 15, 2012

This is Jelly’s first effort ever to make Bernaise Sauce at home.  This is a pretty nice variation on Hollondaise sauce, main difference being the addition of tarragon. So to warn you – this is pretty hard work, but is also so much nicer home-made than from a jar, so its worth it –  but only just – there really is a lot  more washing-up and work involved as well…

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Made in Camden, Saturday night dinner with Friends

May 14, 2012

Restaurant: Made in Camden Cuisine: Modern World? (everything from slow-braised oxtail to hake tempura on menu) Location: Camden, d’uh, inside the Roundhouse The bill: £40 each   (including wine, dessert, cocktails) Ambience: trendy, casual, paired down Jelly Good Food Rating: 8/10 Le Review: This is currently Jelly’s local  – have been here several times for their incredible brunch but this was a first for dinner. On a Saturday night, this place…

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Moti Mahal Tasting Menu Birthday Dinner

April 13, 2012

Restaurant: Moti Mahal Cuisine: Indian Location: Covent Garden, Central London The bill: NA here as we got vouchers!  Tasting Menu is normally £50  per person without wine and £65 with. Value for money: 9/10 ( Pretty good, considering quality and quantity of food.) Service: 10/10 Ambiance: 8.5/10 Food: 9/10 Jelly Good Food Rating: 9/10 The Order AWADH MENU ——————————————————————————————————————— MALAI SAUNFIA PANEER Tandoor glazed homemade fennel paneer SAUNTHIA JHINGA Tandoor roasted…

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Resto point bar – dinner Brussels

March 25, 2012

Restaurant: Resto point Bar Cuisine: World (focus on French with twists of Thai, Italian etc). Location: Porte de Namur, Brussels The bill: €150 for 3 (including wine + 3 flutes champagne) Value for money: 8/10 Service: 7/10 Ambiance: 8/10 Food: 8/10 Jelly Good Food Rating: 8/10 The Order: Meli-melo de Finger Food x3 (Scallop carpacio with truffle oil, Mozarella/Tomato/Baisil/Salmon Carpaccio, Courgette Gazpacho soup) Lux Carpaccio x2 (Fois Gras, Beef, Truffle)…

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Working lunch in Warsaw – Galeria Freta

March 11, 2012

Location: ul. Freta 39, Rynek Nowego Masta, Warsaw Cost:  100 PLN  – circa £20 (lunch for two, including tea and cake) Food: 8/10 Service: 10 /10 Vibe/Ambiance: 9/10 Value for money: 9/10 Other: Wifi! Jelly Good Food Rating: 9/10 Stumbled on to this place in Warsaw old Town when frantically looking for a Wifi / lunch sort-of-place between meetings.  This cafe is at the front of the building, I think the…

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Bistro Warszawa – dinner in Warsaw

March 6, 2012

Restaurant: Bistro Warszawa Location: Rynek Starego Miasta, Warsaw Price: 160 PLM = circa £31 for two including drinks Service: 10 Food: 7 Design & Vibe: 9 Jelly Good Food Rating: 8 I didnt want to go in there because it’s litterally in the main square – the location makes it look like a tourist trap.  However it was so cold and so dark on this monday night that when my collegue suggested…

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We decide to invite friends for dinner….

March 3, 2012

Friday 2nd of March – 10am – Our dinner invites are graciously accepted. 4pm – J declares he wants to design the menue for tomorow’s dinner tonight and order all ingridients for delivery tommorow am. 7pm – With our Macs on the sofa – Cant decide what to cook, can’t decide what to cook…. 7.30pm – We get into a fight over the menue.  I dont want to make the beef bourguignon  because…

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