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The Cheese Advent Calendar!!

November 17, 2018

Food blogger Annem Hobson, from So Wrong It’s Nom is launching her sell out Cheese Advent Calendar for the second year after creating a frenzy on the internet with her initial prototype. After trending on Facebook for more than two days and garnering celebrity support, over 11,000 people signed up to give the campaign their support in four days alone.  An alternative to standard chocolate advent calendars, the Cheese Advent…

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August 30, 2018

A word up front that is is a massively overdue post! I’m hoping to make it the first of many Thermomix themed ones, but for now just a quick intro… I first learned of the Thermomix from watching MasterChef the professionals. This crazy device that seems to be able to cook things in such a way that wasn’t possible (or certainly wasn’t easy) with normal methods. Bright green or bright…

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The Last Meat Auction

January 25, 2014

As Smithfield market faces redevelopment, another London tradition passes One of the reasons why London is the best city in the world is that its store of secrets and quirks never runs dry.   One such secret, steeped in centuries of history is Smithfield market’s annual Christmas Eve meat auction. Greg Lawrence of Harts Burtchers has been hosting the event for the last 30 years out of Hart’s premises on the…

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Chase English Smoked Vodka

April 7, 2012

This was one of my birthday presents from J – Anything that comes with the word “smoked” usually excites my taste-buds – smoked cheese, smoked salmon, smoked chicken  – (once I even found a smoked ale) and well, like most people I love Vodka, especially nice expensive good-enough-to-drink-on-its-own-Vodka.)  J being the amazing boyfriend that he is has obviously picked up on that and found this little gem. A bit of background: Chase…

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