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Camden/ London/ Snacks/ UK/ £10 and under

My Village Café, Chalk Farm Vegeterian/Vegan

June 5, 2012

  Restaurant: My Village  (this is not a restaurant-restaurant, its a cafe, I guess like the title suggests 🙂 Cuisine: Mediterranean, Vegan, Vegetarian Location: Camden, Chalk Farm Road The bill: £7 or so Ambience: hippy, laid back, comforting Jelly Good Food Rating: 8/10 So this is my hangover/detox place.   They only have vegetarian/vegan things in here, and you can buy those kind of products there as well as get fed.  The food…

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Singapore/ Snacks

Greedy Tea and Cake at the Museum (Novus, Singapore)

February 28, 2012

Cafe: Novus, Courtyard Location: National Museum of Singapore Price: 24 Singapore $ – circa £12 (including tea) Sweet café in the spacious lobby of the newly refurbed Museum – civilised and peacefull with some artisan cakes on display to lure you in.  There is a rather posh restaurant attached too, but we were really just after the cakes at this point.  The menue suggested to chose 3 or 6 from…

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Drinkies/ Italian/ Singapore/ Snacks

Tisettanta Lounge, Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore

February 26, 2012

Located in the lobby of  Fort Canning Hotel, Tisettanta Lounge is the centrepiece bar – it’s run by the same guys who who run the Gattopardo restaurant next door – both are Italian themed.   Tisettanta provides hot and cold snacks and also a small selection of cocktails beyond the normal options. We had the breaded and fried mozzarella balls  – filled with anchovies and dressed with pesto.  First time for…

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Singapore/ Snacks

Bubble Tea from Artease

February 19, 2012

Location: Esplanade Mall, Singapore   We ordered: Bubble Caramel Fresh Milk Tea Salty Yuzu Ice Cream Peach Green Tea Never heard of Bubble tea before my trip to Singapore – basically its a a tea base mixed with fruit and/or milk.  The Caramel one I didn’t like much because it basically tasted like flavoured milk but the Salty Yuzu was actually pretty nice and refreshing.  Still no idea what Yuzu is, or whether thats…

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Restaurants/ Seafood/ Singapore

White Pepper Crab and Drunken Prawns from No Signboard Seafood

February 18, 2012

Restaurant: No Signboard Seafood  Location: East Coast Parkway, Singapore Cost: 145 Singapore $ circa £72 (including beers) Service: 6 Food Rating: 8.5 Overall Jelly Good Food Rating: 8   We ordered: White Pepper Crab Drunken Prawns Yang-Chow Fried Rice Jon let me rate this one because his take on this restaurant is quite different from mine not because of quality of food, but because  our attitudes towards this kind of thing are quite apart.…

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Fitzrovia/ Restaurants/ Tapas/ £45 and under

Valentine’s lunch at Salt Yard

February 17, 2012

Restaurant: Salt Yard Location: Fitzrovia Food Rating:  7.5 Service:  7 Cost: £45 (lunch for 2, including wine) Overall Jelly Good Food Rating: 7.5 We sort of agreed not to celebrate valentines day thinking we are a bit too cool for all that commercialised hype however when the day actually came around and I realised that I’d infact have to spend Valentines evening abroad working,  my sentimental side kinda kicked in.   So,…

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