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10 min/ Recipes

Easy-peasy yummy brunch idea

March 19, 2013

Very simple and quick brunch suggestion. Ingredients: Croissant (just baked from frozen, or fresh ones if you can be bothered to go outside and retrieve these) Bacon slice, trimmed Mushrooms –  chopped and fried Cheddar (to melt on top) Fresh ground pepper Method: Compile ingredients on top of each other Stick under the grill to melt the cheese. Done! Not too original, but definitely awesome.  Consume with a good coffee and the person you…

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45 min/ Recipes

Horseradished Salmon on a bed of Pearl Barley Risotto

May 6, 2012

Ready in: 45 min JellyGoodFood idea: Semi-healthy and different weeknight meal. Ingredients: Fillet of Salmon Mayo Creamed Horseradish Pearl Barley 100g or so Peas Crème Fraiche – here low fat option Chicken Stock Coriander Mangetout A couple of mushrooms Clove of garlic (for depth of flavour) Salt, pepper + butter Method: Rinse the barley and leave to soak while you sort out the chicken stock.  For me this was a week-night effort…

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45 min/ Recipes

Rockabilly Night at Jelly’s (Home-made Burgers)

April 4, 2012

Ingredients: A playlist of Rockabilly classics (for cheesy upbeat rockabilly try The Baseballs) Vanilla IceCream + Ice + Milk (for Milkshakes) For Home-made Burgers: Really good quality beef mince 400g + 100g lamb Mince 1 Onion 1 Egg Coriander 2 Cloves of Garlic 2 Spoons of Worcester Sauce Oxo Beef Cube Salt  + Pepper Cheddar Burger Buns For the Chips: Maris Piper Potatoes Salad to serve Coleslaw Ketchup Optional: Gherkins Methodology…

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30 min/ Recipes

Ellie’s sweetcorn and prawn chowder

March 18, 2012

chow·der/ˈCHoudər/ Noun: A rich soup typically containing fish, clams, or corn with potatoes and onions. Ready in: 30 min Ingredients: 250g Potatoes 4 slices Bacon 250g King Prawns 250g  Sweetcorn 1 Onion 1 Chilli 1 clove garlic Lime Juice Double Cream Butter Salt + Pepper, Olive oil Coriander to serve Method: Chop chilli and put half into a bowl.  Wash prawns and put into chilli bowl, pour in some  lime juice,…

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Baking/ Breakfast & Brunch/ Desserts/ Recipes

Jon’s Banana Bread – Joanne Chang recipe

February 21, 2012

We had lots of bananas to use up that were getting a bit ripe so Jonathan looked around for highly rated Banana bread recipes and came across Joanne Chang’s of Flour bakery in Boston.   You can find complete recipe here. Nutella really wasn’t part of it, and not at all necessary – that was my addition, and perhaps a little greedy. Crazily enough this Banana loaf contains no butter  – uses oil instead.  Still stays moist…

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30 min

Jon’s Cod Curry

February 12, 2012

Ready in: 30 min Cod fillets Korma paste (here we used Patak’s) Ginger Green Chilli Double Cream Creme Fraiche Garlic Coriander Rice – Bayleaf, Salt This is one of the yummiest things Jon has ever made for us. I havent always been into the idea of  fish curry preferring prawns or chicken but this dish REALLY works  because Cod doesnt really taste very fishy, instead its really meaty and delicate which is…

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10 min/ Recipes

Smoked chicken salad

February 12, 2012

Ready in: 10 min Smoked chicken Baby-leaf salad (pre washed) Granary Slided bread, toasted and cut into little squares for croutons. Capers (Optional) Dressing: Wholegrain mustard – a lot! Creme Fraiche, Virgin Olive Oil, Pepper, Lemon Juice. Simples! … and quick. Key is to actually find the smoked chicken, I have been struggling to get hold of one in the UK for a while, so when I saw it whole and…

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