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Airport & Airline food/ Jelly Bad Food

Amercian Airlines meal & why Airplane food tastes bad

June 23, 2012

So this is my meal on a London to New York flight on  American Airlines and it was pretty bad.  Yes I appreciate that at 30,000 feet its not exactly easy to serve decent food, plus nobody flies AA for the food experience, its an economy airline after all.  However none of these things are an excuse for dousing your pasta in so much oil as to make it inedible! …

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Indian/ Jelly Bad Food/ Shoreditch & Brick Lane

Saffron Restaurant, terrible Indian food in Brick lane

June 18, 2012

Restaurant: Saffron Cuisine: Indian (Supposedly) Location: Brick Lane, E1 The bill: ok it was only £35 after taste-card discount Ambiance: standard cheap Indian place Jelly Good Food Rating: 2/10 Le Review: Sadly, Brick lane is now famous for poor quality Indian food, and no Londoners would recommend it, if a high-quality, authentic  curry is what you are after.   The prime target here are unsuspecting tourists of course.  In a positive…

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Jelly Bad Food/ Malaysia/ Seafood

Living Room Penang – poopy prawns

February 24, 2012

Restaurant: Living Room Location: Penang, Batu Ferringhi Food Rating: 2 Service: 7 Cost: 98 RM circa £25 (including beers) Overall Jelly Good Food Rating: 3 Living Room is Ranked #1 of 21 restaurants in Batu Ferringhi. Raving reviews of this place all over trip advisor. The lighting here is harsh and the walls are plastered with beer ads – its an inexpensive cafe. However, due to hype reviews we hoped…

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Desserts/ Jelly Bad Food/ Singapore

Ais kacang experience

February 19, 2012

This is one of the wildest dishes I have ever heard of and I have to say I absolutely loathed it and couldn’t force myself to really try all the different parts of it.  Jon did a little better managing to get through a few spoonfulls. No offence to Malaysians but my western pallette just couldnt quite hack it. My photo doesnt do this dessert justice as most of the ingredients are…

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