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Breakfast & Brunch/ Jelly Hall of Fame/ New York

Best Brunch ever, hands down. Public, New York.

July 1, 2012

Restaurant: Public Cuisine: International Location: 210 Elizabeth Street (between Prince & Spring Sts. City of New York, 10012 The bill: They do a set price brunch for 22 dollars ~ includes cocktail and coffee or tea Ambience: “Free Spirited,” Trendy, industrial Jelly Good Food Rating: 10/10 Le Review: So firstly big kudos to J for finding out about this place, because for me this literally became the highlight of my first ever trip to…

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Breakfast & Brunch

Fresh Blueberry Pancakes

March 1, 2012

You know that someone really loves you when they get up at 7am for no other reason than to make you fresh blueberry pancakes for breakfast – its either that or Jetlag…. In any case J made a mighty fine job of these, following a recepie from BBC Good Food (its here)  :   Apart from the fact that I’m biased  through  appreciating  J’s early morning cooking efforts, these pancakes really…

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Breakfast & Brunch/ Singapore

Breakfast at Hotel Fort Canning – The Glass House

February 28, 2012

Breakfast served in a lovely room out in gardens.  As is typical here in Singapore for this kind of hotel, plenty of attentive staff around waiting to cook you an omelette, pancakes ect and bring it to your table just as you return from ravaging their breakfast buffet. Lots treats around including dim sum, salmon, yoghurt etc. Their honey dispenser deserves a mention too – a real slab of bee-hive.…

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Breakfast & Brunch/ Malaysia

More resort food – breakfasts at Hard Rock Penang

February 23, 2012

Breakfast here is a pretty serious affair with a LOT of options (except pork, no pork here obviously due to Muslim factor, so all sausages are chicken, no bacon etc). J usually goes for Continental/English/American options, but Im intent on upholding the experimantalist bar.  So these are my breakfasts here for the last couple of days – mix and matchting in blissful ignorance: Dhal Curry Murtabak (lamb stuffed pancake – Arabic…

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Baking/ Breakfast & Brunch/ Desserts/ Recipes

Jon’s Banana Bread – Joanne Chang recipe

February 21, 2012

We had lots of bananas to use up that were getting a bit ripe so Jonathan looked around for highly rated Banana bread recipes and came across Joanne Chang’s of Flour bakery in Boston.   You can find complete recipe here. Nutella really wasn’t part of it, and not at all necessary – that was my addition, and perhaps a little greedy. Crazily enough this Banana loaf contains no butter  – uses oil instead.  Still stays moist…

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Breakfast & Brunch/ Singapore

Breakfast at Mercure Roxy

February 19, 2012

Breakfast buffet featured some local breakfasty foods so my breakfast consisted of:   Soon kueh (dumpling looking things which I covered in the sauce) Pau ( The round thing below) Fried Noodles Egg custard So to be fair I had no idea what to expect from most of these dishes. It turned out the Pau was a sweet type of thing and shouldn’t have really been on my plate with the…

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