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Review: Union Hand-Roasted Coffee – Some of the Best Coffee You Can Buy

October 5, 2018

What’s the difference between good and bad coffee?

To start with this post, I wanted to link to this epicurious YouTube video with a coffee expert where he talks through in detail the difference between some good and bad coffees in a number of blind taste tests. Whether it’s look, smell, taste or more this is great for really seeing the difference between good and bad coffee.

Buy Union Hand-Roasted Coffee

I work near Kings Cross station in central London. There’s an abundance of coffee shops to choose from; there’s the whole range from Costa or Starbucks through to artisan places like Caravan or our on-site restaurant of cafe.

However, I always go back to the same place everyday – Green & Fortune. The coffee is awesome, and having bought a bunch of beans for myself, I know this is down to Union Coffee.


I first heard of Union coffee because of the awards that they’d won. I was looking for the best coffee I could find for Christmas presents – but needed to try it myself first! At that time I bought my first batch from Amazon, but these days is recommend buying from them direct. Postage is just as quick as Amazon Prime, but the beans are going to be fresher and they, of course, have all of the varieties available there – including the limited edition roasts. Even back in 2013, they were winning 8 Great Taste awards for their coffee, and the awards didn’t stop then!

Recently I’ve also seen that British Airways have switched their coffee in their business class lounges to be Union Coffee too. This was a very welcome upgrade! The bran is clearly in a big growth phase, and when you taste some you’ll realise why!

British Airways now exclusively serves Union Coffee in their lounges and for business and first class passengers

This Tasting

The Unboxing

I received a sample from Union Coffee. Having drunken the coffee every day for the last few years, I was already planning this post anyway – this just broadened what I could write about by adding the postage experience direct from them and two additional varieties of coffee from them into this mix.  The batch I received had been hand-roasted only three days beforehand. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!

Union Coffee Roasted Dates

I got Bobolink and Does Santos (FAF) 1280. Bobolink had a quality score of 85 and Did Santos had a score of 86.95. Again, another sign of the quality of the coffee is the fact that this information is available right on the front of the packet for everyone to see.

Bobolink and Dos Santos Union Coffee

I’m using my Thermomix to grind my whole coffee beans down for use in my aeropress today.

If you watched the epicurious video above you’ll easily be able to identify the quality of these beans. Lightly roasted, because you don’t need a dark roast to mask anything – letting the flavour of the beans shine through. The uniformity of these beans is clear as well – no rough edges, very small amounts of variation in colour.

Union Coffee Beans ready for grinding in the Thermomix

Then my aeropress to make the coffee. Definitely make your coffee at home using an Aeropress.

Aeropress, rinsed and ready for Union Coffee!


Overall I can’t recommend Union Coffee enough. I’m lucky in that I can have it everyday, made by Batista’s and it’s leagues above anything else that you can easily get.

The brand is clearly going from strength to strength as well – British Airways don’t swap all their coffee for business class passengers to Union Coffee for no reason! Winning Great Taste awards since 2013 and being ethically sourced at the same time – what’s not to love??

Go buy some now!

Buy Union Hand-Roasted Coffee
Union Coffee posing with the Thermomix

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