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Titan Airways Business Class Food – British Airways Club Europe Substitution

September 19, 2018

I travelled on A320 G-POMW which was substituted for a BA flight. When Monarch went out of business, BA bought a lot of the take off and landing slots, but they don’t have enough planes and crew to use them all. The airports operate a model where if you don’t use these slots, you lose them and can be sold onto other airlines that can. This means BA ‘wet-leasing’ from other airlines such as Stansted based Titan Airways and having them operate the flight instead of BA themselves.

BA have clearly put in the effort to make the club world product as close as they can to the real thing. However it doesn’t start well with the plane – an A320 which is 13 years old, having had a full life with Sri Lankan for 6 years as well as other airlines before. It looks well overdue a refurbishment, is very dirty, doesn’t have the table in the middle seat (although it is still kept empty), there’s no curtain separating business from economy and is heavily worn all over. I was in seat 1F, the front row window. If I wasn’t, I’d also be complaining about the lack of leg room.

Ok, to the food – cheese, cheese, cheese. Then some cheese. Starter of mozzarella and feta with some vegetables. Cheddar cheese with crackers after the main. Then cheesecake to finish with.

The menus still carry Club Europe branding, but the starter and main items differ slightly from what I’ve seen on BA flights (very possibly just me not having seen them before)

The starter, dessert and cheese delivered first as normal. Once you’ve finished with the starter they’ll swap it for your main.

The main was actually really good – I went for the butter chicken. I count myself within those o know a good curry when they taste one – frequent rips to India mean ive had a few of them! However it was inconsistent with what I could see other had around me. I definitely got the best looking one!

The crackers for the cheese are great. A good test for the strength of your teeth though!

Overall the food was pretty close to normal Club Europe standards. The staff were really friendly and helpful. The only thing that let it down was the state of the plane.

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