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The Good Food Guide 2019 is Out!

September 8, 2018

I love The Good Food Guide. As explained by themselves, its been around since 1951:

“The Good Food Guide was first compiled by Raymond Postgate in 1951. Appalled by the British post-war dining experience, Postgate formed The Good Food Club, recruiting an army of volunteers to inspect restaurants anonymously and report back. His aims were simple, among them, ‘to raise the standard of cooking in Britain’ and ‘to do ourselves all a bit of good by making our holidays, travels and evenings-out in due course more enjoyable’. Following the success of The Good Food Club, reports were compiled and The Good Food Guide was published.” (The Good Food Guide)

The top 3 restaurants for 2019 are:

  1. Restaurant Nathan Outlaw
  2. L’enclume
  3. Core by Clare Smyth (highest new entry ever)

The top 50 are also available to read on their site, but you’ll need to buy the book to get the full list.

Other awards for 2019 are:

Something I do miss from The Good Food Guide is an Android app. There used to be one and it was great for finding restaurants. I would use it all the time alongside the Michelin Guide App for picking somewhere to eat when out and about. I really think they’re missing an opportunity (and additional revenue stream) but not releasing one!

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