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August 30, 2018

A word up front that is is a massively overdue post! I’m hoping to make it the first of many Thermomix themed ones, but for now just a quick intro…

I first learned of the Thermomix from watching MasterChef the professionals. This crazy device that seems to be able to cook things in such a way that wasn’t possible (or certainly wasn’t easy) with normal methods. Bright green or bright red sauces without any artificial additives, ingredients to dough in less than ten seconds, lemon tart that is impossible to get to the wrong consistency, hollandaise that never splits – the list went on and on…

The Thermomix is a device that does a lot, that when combined allow you to produce more than the sum of its parts. Having been in production since the early 1980s, the machine has come on a long way. From a simple plug in turn the dials device, all the way through to an internet connected, touch screen, instruction giving, subscription service requiring (!!), ~£1200 kitchen machine.

What does it do? Chop, grind, blend, emulsify, whip, mash, boil, fry, weigh, steam, water bath, self clean (mostly), knead, stir, maintain temperature – and more – 30 things to be precise. All of things while telling you what to do next based on the recipe you’re currently following:

Recipes get added to the Thermomix through the Cookidoo website. Add a bunch of recipes for the week that take your fancy. Add the ingredients from the generated list to your shop. Then on the day just start the machine up to load up that days recipe and instructions to follow.

Blueberry and white chocolate cake. I’ve made this 3 times now – easily the best cake I’ve been able to make.

Sorbet (right) vs emulsified sorbet (left). This was done as part of the intro demo, along with the tear and share bread rolls below.

Its still early days as I work out which recipes are my favourites – functionality that’s built into the site. But when making vegan chia puds (a big batch) it did seem to need some of ballast or to be held down!

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