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A MasterCard Priceless Meal at Lyles London

August 24, 2018

This year in the world’s top 50 restaurants was Lyle’s restaurant in Shoreditch, London. One Michelin star, and now number 38 best restaurant in the world – with them saying the “daily menu is micro-seasonal, showcasing what’s best on any given day in London and the UK”

The Guest Series, as described by Worlds50Best was setup because “With little time on his hands to travel, James created The Guest Series, inviting six to eight chefs per year from all over the world – friends as well as colleagues who he wanted to know better – to explore the British countryside, then cook together”

These events, which are done up to eight times per year are organised through the MasterCard Priceless website. Anyone can sign up, but you can only pay for events using a MasterCard – doesn’t matter if it’s a credit or debit card. The tickets go fast too, so it’s a good idea to take note of the date and time they go on sale to be able to grab some.


The July 2018 event was with chef Matt Abergel. He’s co-owner and executive chef of Yardbird, RONIN, Sunday’s Distro and Sunday’s Grocery in Hong Kong. One of his recipes for fried cauliflower can be found on the Michelin Guide website.

This evening was all about Yakitori. Yakitori is essentially kick-ass Japanese BBQ. YardBird and Matt specialise in using all parts of the chicken with this. There are two main types of Yakitori – salt and sweet. You can read about it more on Wikipedia, but the sweet one contains sake as part of the seasoning – yum!

Chicken meatball:


To accompany the meal were various options of Sake. We decided to try them all 🙂 After the second type, we were introduced to the Sake makers and their translator. Being talked through how it’s made and it being such a clear passion for them was great.


Smokey aubergine

This sweetcorn tempura was just amazing

This meal actually flew past, seemed like we were in and out in no time at all. Really surprising considering the quality and quantity of dishes we had. Time for dessert and coffee…

Watermelon and shiso:


The evening was rounded off with a signed copy of Matts new recipe book, Chicken and Charcoal.


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