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British Airways Business Class (Club Europe) Food Review

August 20, 2018

Recently I had the chance to fly from London Gatwick (LGW) to Seville (SVQ), Spain in business class with British Airways (BA2796). This was thanks to the BA business class sale and the extra cost was minimal compared to the usual amount. At Gatwick this also gives you business class check-in, priority security and BA executive club lounge access.

The lounge was pretty good as always – champagne, hot and cold food, free pour spirits, good (Union Roast) coffee, WiFi and ice cream. We were there for the 3pm scones and afternoon tea serving which is always great to have as a treat. I won’t go into detail for the lounge too much and maybe save that for a separate post another time.

Being August and the summer holidays, this was a pretty packed flight, but the front row seats that are reserved for gold status members were released without being taken, so we were able to get them a couple of days before the flight (my bronze status allows me to reserve other seats up to seven days before flying).

Depending on the length of the light (plus a few other factors like the popularity of the route for business and the amount of competition on the route) BA basically has two types of menu available. This is one of the better ones for Club Europe as it’s a longer flight, at just under three hours, you get snacks and then a four course meal instead of the slightly sad toasted cheese sandwich you get on the shorter routes.

I’ve flown Club Europe a few times now and as much as this isn’t even close to some of the great business class out there, I’ve always found the service to be exceptional – I was hoping this time wouldn’t be different!

This was the full food menu:

And the selection of free drinks:

They bring the starter, dessert and cheese courses out on the first tray. You eat your starter, they clean they plate away and swap it for the main that you want – allowing you to eat everything in the normal order.

The salmon starter was actually great (for plane food). I would have liked a stronger horseradish flavour, but that’s personal preference. I could have easily eaten twice as much. The fresh warm bread that is offered goes particularly well with this starter.

For main course we both had the beef Massaman curry. This was overly salty and could hear other passengers commenting the same. However the beef was really soft, and I was so excited to dive in that there’s no picture of it…

The cheddar cheese with crackers and apple jelly was probably the best bit of the meal – simple but great for a cheese lover. Mature and strong with some really crispy (great taste award winning) crackers will have me eating it all up any day of the week.

The Club Europe product isn’t the most amazing flight you’re ever going to have. The seats are the same as in economy, except for the middle seat being kept empty and used for placing drinks between you and your travel partner. Yes you get lounge access and yes you get free food and drink on the plane – including champagne, but unless you can get it for a good price (like we did in the BA sale) then it’s probably not worth paying a lot extra for.

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