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21212, Edinburgh, Review

January 20, 2013
  • Restaurant: 21212
  • Chef: Paul Kitching
  • Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Cost: £68/person + wine + service
  • Jelly Good Food Rating: 9/10

Shortly before a trip to Edinburgh, I saw on twitter that 21212 had just received its fourth Rosette. I phoned them up to see if they had any spare tables. The very polite lady on the end of the phone informed me that they’d just had a cancellation, and that they would be able to accommodate me at 9:30pm, if that was suiting. I jumped at at the table, and had a thoroughly enjoyable meal, accompanied by some great service.

21212 is a restaurant with an interesting concept. 5 courses, a choice of 2 to being with, then 1 fixed, then a choice of 2 – and so on. 5 courses costs £68 per person. The wine list is pretty big and varied, however the wines are slightly more expensive than I would normally expect to pay. We had a bottle of 2006 Australian d’arenberg Shiraz.

I knew beforehand, that this Michelin Star chef, Paul Kitching, was known for having a lot of components to his dishes – sometimes as many as 13. This can lead to some very interesting flavours in dishes – with every mouthful tasting different.



I’ve read a couple of mixed reviews of 21212, with people saying that the dished are too complicated, but I found the dishes really well executed and totally charming. The fact that every mouthful was slightly different, with too many ingredients to last the whole dish was nice. Really well executed, and cooked to perfection.






Shots of porridge infused milk!


One thing I would say stood out as particularly nice with 21212 was the exceptional service. Almost informal, yet very well informed staff & very efficient at all times. Also it always nice to see enthusiasm in the staff about the food they’re serving.

I would definitely eat here again, and would recommend it to others – it’s not even that expensive!

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