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MASH London Review

November 23, 2012
  • Restaurant: MASH (Modern American Steak House)
  • Location: Soho
  • Price: plan at least £60/person, more if you are curious/hungry
  • Jelly Good Food Score: 10/10

Mash is a steaklover’s dream come true and veggie-vegan’s hell.

We were lucky enough to come here during Mash’s opening week, and even arriving for an early table (5pm, J kindly booked us in before a night-time photography class I signed us up for) we saw  wanna-be diners  being turned away – the place was booked out, impressive already!

Feeling rather pleased with ourselves for having a table to go to, we descended the spiralling staircase several floors below ground level into what appeared to be the filming set of “Mad Men”  – a glamorous, dusky, vintage inspired dining room.  Amongst the plush red leather booths and white tablecloths stood an imposing meat fridge proudly displaying  different parts of several cows’ anatomies.   These guys appeared to be very serious indeed.

Ordering time.  We each opted for fillet steak – an unadventurous yet luxurious cut, cooked rare, with a side of onion rings, greens and chilli fries as well as a peppercorn sauce for me and béarnaise sauce for J.

The meat itself transpired to be the epitome of  “melt-in-the-mouth” – so good that it makes me salivate just remembering, as for the béarnaise sause, it was so rich and flavourful that I had to order an extra portion and stop myself from eating it with a spoon.  The chips  – so fresh and so golden with a serious spice kick that rebalanced the palate and the delectable greens topped with a sprinkling of nuts – there wasn’t a dish on the table that wasn’t just perfect.  The seemingly traditional  steakhouse dishes which we chose suddenly felt fresh and new.

Service too was excellent:  the lovely Danish waitress understood we were on schedule and was prompt, polite and friendly, even whilst  also looking after nearby table of 8 which were in fact her own family visiting!

The pleasure here is expensive however – even with the 50% discount (opening week offer) we paid  circa £67 in total, including the two glasses of wine, considering at normal rate this would mean circa £130 for two diners having only one course and glass of wine each,  MASH prices itself the non-casual dining category.

Jelly Good Food bottom line:

MASH is a welcome entry to the London stake scene and Jelly is confident that this restaurant will give tired places like the Gaucho  chain a run for their money.

Jelly solemnly believes this is the best steak either of us has ever eaten.  Highly recommended but come with a fat wallet.


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