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Dirty Burger, Kentish Town

September 1, 2012
  • Restaurant: Dirty Burger
  • Cuisine: American
  • Location: Highgate/Kentish Town
  • The bill: £27 total  including beers
  • Ambiance: “Rustic Grunge”
  • Jelly Good Food Rating: 7/10

Le Review:

London’s lusty affair with trendy-no-frills burger joints continues.  Thursday night, on the way home from work, Jelly visited Dirty Burger, which is just behind Pizza East, Kentish town.  The venue is certainly a bit dirty: basically its a small metal shack between Pizza East and the LA fitness parking lot and it does not pretend to be anything else.  The prices are equally low key – looking at £5.50 for a Cheeseburger.  Sides are crinkly cut chips and onion rings.  I think thats about the entirety of the menu.

The food itself was good – burgers were decent: brioche bun – good size, not too large, contained a sufficient amount of cheese and gherkins, something that normal burger places are often stingy with for some reason.  However the burger patty itself should have been much thicker and hence juicier.  For this reason, Meatliquor’s burgers win over Dirty Burger’s.  Sorry Dirty Burger, Jelly does want you to give those guys at Meatliquor a run for their money, but you need to make those patties fatter!  Chips were nice and fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside.

Dirty Burger also  serve several types of beers, including Camden brew, which turned out too bitter and “beery” for Jelly’s sensitive pallet but the nice man behind the counter noticing we we weren’t doing well with those  provided us with replacement beers = happier burger eaters!

My last criticism would be the chairs.  They seem designed to get customers in and our of there as fast as possible – i.e. your butt actually hurts for sitting on one of those if you linger over 15 minutes.  Also these chairs  need footrests, like barstools – that would help a lot.

Here’s some practical info incase you want to visit Dirty Burger:

FRIDAY: 7AM – 1:30AM

Jellygoodfood Bottom Line:

Trendy little burger place, come here when drunk on your way back from a gig at one of Camden’s music places, wear your second hand leather jacket and feel the grunge cool.

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