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Randomly eating out in Budapest

June 24, 2012

This is what eating  out in Budapest looks like

I came to Budapest for a long weekend with some friends that I haven’t seen in a while and I’ll be honest  – food wasn’t really top of the agenda.  As a result, no place we went to was planned for or researched beforehand, it was just a case of doing whatever we were doing and when we got hungry  look around for the nearest “okay” place.  This was an error.  Unfortunately most of our meals were very mediocre.  You might be able to stroll around Paris or London and randomly fall into cafes that serve good food, but I wouldn’t recommend you try that in Budapest.

Saying that, it felt like all the cafes and restaurants we visited were well meaning – as in they really tried to please the customer – huge menus, lots of options, super nice and friendly staff, sadly the  food just  let them down.

There seemed to be a distinct 70’s  feel with many dishes – i.e.  a lot of meat  covered in indescript sauce and served with exotic fruit for decoration, a lot of salt in everything, quite a lot of grease too.  The notable exception however was the Goulash soup, which was quite good everywhere we went!  The beers are good though, and Budapest has so much to offer in other ways that I still wouldn’t have missed this trip for the world.

Jellygoodfood bottom line:

When in Budapest, do your homework and figure out where is good to eat before heading out, otherwise you will end up eating either Goulash for every meal or some untasty tourist grub 70s style.

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