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Saffron Restaurant, terrible Indian food in Brick lane

June 18, 2012
  • Restaurant: Saffron
  • Cuisine: Indian (Supposedly)
  • Location: Brick Lane, E1
  • The bill: ok it was only £35 after taste-card discount
  • Ambiance: standard cheap Indian place
  • Jelly Good Food Rating: 2/10

Le Review:

Sadly, Brick lane is now famous for poor quality Indian food, and no Londoners would recommend it, if a high-quality, authentic  curry is what you are after.   The prime target here are unsuspecting tourists of course.  In a positive (and cheap) frame of mind, I was spending the afternoon here with two friends browsing the markets.  When hunger struck, the iphone tastecard app offered several options including Saffron.  I was suspicious from the beginning, but my fellow co-diners-to-be implored  – “Ellie, how do you know all the restaurants here are all bad?  Maybe you will discover something awesome that isn’t well known yet, and its cheap.”   Too and hungry to protest much, I went along with this.

Error.  Saffron and their chef clearly have no self respect at all churning out these dishes.

We ordered three curries, and I  even warned the waiter that we knew about curry and pointed out which dishes we wanted extra spicy.  When the food arrived  although different colors all tasted pretty much identical – same pot, different food coloring I guess.  The prime ingredient in all seemed to be sugar: after a few spoonfools even in our hungry state, the food became inedible.  As for flavor or spice neither of these were present at our table.

Jellygoodfood bottom line:

Saffron is a prime example of lazy, tasteless, sugary slop that pretends to be “Indian food” – stay away.

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  • Annem Ruby Nem
    August 22, 2012 at 7:18 pm

    Totally agree that Brick Lane is now only renowned for crap Indian food. I can suggest a good one near-ish to the area though!

    It’s towards Spitalfields on Commerical Street and is called Bundu Khan’s. It specialises in authentic Pakistani/Indian food and it is great! You should check it out 🙂

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