As good as breakfast dishes get…Smoked salmon with bernaise sauce

May 15, 2012

This is Jelly’s first effort ever to make Bernaise Sauce at home.  This is a pretty nice variation on Hollondaise sauce, main difference being the addition of tarragon.

So to warn you – this is pretty hard work, but is also so much nicer home-made than from a jar, so its worth it –  but only just – there really is a lot  more washing-up and work involved as well as possible potholes where it could all go wrong.

J was making this, which is probably why it came out ok first time – he actually follows the recepies.  He picked Gordon Ramsay’s receipie on BBC Good food, you can find it here.

Gordon calls this “Hollandaise” by the way, and while Jelly would not want to challenge Gordon, popular concensus does state that tarragon does turn your average Hollandaise into Bearnaise (plus shallots).  Now of course we are all used to having Bernaise with steak instead of salmon, but it totally works with salmon too.  Its just a flavour variation on the classic butter sauce and remains quite gentle. Try it.







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