Moti Mahal Tasting Menu Birthday Dinner

April 13, 2012
  • Restaurant: Moti Mahal
  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Location: Covent Garden, Central London
  • The bill: NA here as we got vouchers!  Tasting Menu is normally £50  per person without wine and £65 with.
  • Value for money: 9/10 ( Pretty good, considering quality and quantity of food.)
  • Service: 10/10
  • Ambiance: 8.5/10
  • Food: 9/10
  • Jelly Good Food Rating: 9/10

The Order

Tandoor glazed homemade fennel paneer
Tandoor roasted jumbo prawns marinated in tamarind, chilli and curry leaf
Spicy Lamb masala tossed with pine nuts and spicy parantha, baked in an egg custard
Chardonnay Hamilton Russell 2010, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Sea bass and aubergine simmered in a coriander and cumin sauce
Beef stir fried with shallots, dried chilies and coconut
Black lentils slow cooked overnight on charcoal
Crisp fried lotus stem with peanut and coriander
Served with: Tandoor baked breads & saffron baked rice
Côtes du Rhône Domaine Les Aphillanthes 2007, Rhône Valley, France
Stewed pineapple and molasses, pistachio rice pudding, topped with jaggery cream
Coteaux du Layon St Aubin Domaine des Forges 2010, Loire, France


Le review

Moti Mahal is michenlin guide worthy Indian food, so it’s needless to
say its pretty pricey.  However we were lucky enough to get some
vouchers on one of the social discount sites to come here for a
tasting menu.

Expectations were running high, as J had been here a couple of years ago and has been raving about it and we saved ourselves from lunch for the occasion.   Impatiently we waited to order, surveying the restaurant in the meanwhile –  smart with  pristine white tablecloths and fresh flowers but starting to date a little.

The menus arrived – nice surprise!

Normally with tasting menu deals, the dishes you end up being served are somewhat less interesting then the a la carte,

however at Moti Mahal  this was not the case,  in fact it fealt like someone had taken most of my favourite ingridients
and built the entire menu around them – no indescript chicken dishes here!

The service is the best I have experienced anywhere in a long time and you
really get the impression that everything is  thought
through – for example after some curry splashes got on the white table
cloth, it was  repalced it before the next course arrived.  When more curry
splashes got on this next white table cloth they changed it again
before dessert.

(Its true that I’m a messy eater, but Indian is a cuisine that is  much more enjoyable when consumed in a messy way, trust me).

Something else I was impressed with, was that every single dish had a
special serving platecontraption  designed for it – e.g. the
spitroast for the prawns, cute little pots with lids for the sides and
so on and so forth.  I saw someone at the next table over being served
3 types/colours of chicken on a skewer inside a metal jug.  I
think that’s kinda fun –  they don’t do it to the extent to make it
gimmicky, the foods all really do justify their special serving


By the time we rolled out of here, and I say rolled, not walked, as
that’s the only word that could describe Jelly’s actions after
attempting to eat that whole tasting menue, we actually felt that what
we paid in total had been bargain, all aspects considered.

Jellygoodfood Bottom Line

Impeccable service and great Indian food.  Expensive but worth it,
though do try and find a voucher.

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