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Making best coffee ever

April 9, 2012

So to show off more of my birthday presents from J – here we have:

1  AeroPress Coffee Maker

1  Tin of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee 

2 I’m Not A Paper Cup: Thermal Insulated Ceramic Mug

AeroPress Coffee makers seems to have a bit of a cult following, there are literally hundreds of videos on Youtube dedicated to this device – including one from Gwilym Davies, World Barista Champion 2009 and another clip showing Tokyo Aeropress Championships with people competing to make the best coffee using this thing.  So I guess we were a bit curious.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee I was introduced to by my mother, who is a die hard caffeine fan.  Mum claimed that Jamaican Blue Mountain is as good as it gets.  I have tried it several times before, at first not getting it and then really getting it and craving it thereafter.  I warn you now, this stuff is pricey, addictive and can be hard to find.  This particular tin  is from Clifton Mount which is the oldest functioning coffee estate in Jamaica. The farm is located in the Newcastle region of the island and is situated on the Eastern slope of Catherine’s Peak at 1300 metres above sea level.   Sea Island Coffee, from whom  this tin was acquired, claim it has  smoothness and mild acidity, a creamy aftertaste and hints of chocolate with floral undertones and that it’s mellow sweet aftertaste  separates this brand from all others.

The Ceramic cups are just cute and good for confusing people as well as keeping your coffee hot for longer.  Im looking forward to using these on our roof terrace once we move into the new place next month.

So putting all of these things together – In terms of methodology I found the Aeropress a bit fiddly to use, but thats because i didn’t bother to read the instructions –  J showed me and it kinda got easier after that.   It’s pretty quick too – about 2 mins in total to assemble, brew and press  (thats while you are heating up the milk).  The the ground coffee lived up to the high expectations – smells and tastes just beautiful, and the mugs, well – there is something magical about drinking from porcelain.

I believe we  have produced the best cup of coffee Jelly has ever had.

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