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Chase English Smoked Vodka

April 7, 2012

This was one of my birthday presents from J –

Anything that comes with the word “smoked” usually excites my taste-buds – smoked cheese, smoked salmon, smoked chicken  – (once I even found a smoked ale) and well, like most people I love Vodka, especially nice expensive good-enough-to-drink-on-its-own-Vodka.)  J being the amazing boyfriend that he is has obviously picked up on that and found this little gem.

A bit of background: Chase

Chase distillery is located on farm in Herefordshire, founded by William Chase, its there that  they grow all of the potatoes and apples to make their vodka and gin.   Chase claims to grow, mash, ferment, strip, distil and hand-bottle their spirits all right there too.

Chase was Voted Best Vodka in San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2010.

Which, is not bad  for a distillery that only produced their very first bottle of Chase vodka in April 2008.  No doubt part of their success is due to Chase’s  experience with potatoes  – he’s the man behind Tyrrells Chips after all. This is the first new distillery in  England in over 250 years.

Back to my smoked vodka though – its a limited edition and my bottle is one of 1000 produced in this batch.

Chase’s explanation/instructions are as follows:

“Our smoked vodka is made using the finest English Oak and our traditional copper pot distilling methods to create this fantastic new taste, with a smooth and soft finish. Try it neat, slightly chilled, as it tastes great on its own.”

So we did.

It tastes extremely smoky and is really interesting, infact if you drink it when it is chilled it doesn’t seem to taste of alcohol at all at first and only of smoke – the booze creeps in however as your vodka warms up.  In J’s opinion it is almost too smoky and I wonder if it would have been a more elegant drink if the smokiness was somewhat tamed.  In any case it still makes for an unusual martini opportunity and Im sure there are many new cocktails to be made too.

Jelly Good Food bottom line:

We love all Chase products that we have tried so far and smoked vodka is no exception.  To confess, Jelly does find smoked vodka  a little bit gimmicky – but why not – its fun and different, plus the quality of the vodka stands up to the smokiness.

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