Downtown Restaurant, Intercontinental Warsaw

March 29, 2012
  • Restaurant: Downtown Restaurant
  • Cuisine: Polish and international
  • Location: Warsaw Centre, Intercontinental Warszawa, ul Emilii Plater 49
  • The bill: £79  for 2 (including wine, dessert)
  • Value for money: 8/10
  • Service: 9.5/10
  • Ambiance: 8/10
  • Food: 7/10
  • Jelly Good Food Rating: 8/10

Today I find myself in Warsaw and as it turns out my hotel  contains Downtown Restaurant, which is listed in the Michelin guide, not starred, but listed.  Pricing seems reasonable too, for a Via Michel guide place at least,  so there I head for dinner.

The Order:

Smoked Veal with crunchy beans, Plum sauce and butter dumplings

Chocolate cake with cardamom and lime sauce, berry sorbet.

however we are also served an amuse-bouche of beef carpaccio with truffle foam.

Le Review

I have to say there is nothing much to complain about here, really sweet service,  pretty good food very prettily presented, lots of space, good lighting and a lot of interesting, unusual dishes on the menue.

I opted for  Veal, because because it was preceded by the word “smoked” and because haven’t heard of smoked veal before.  I don’t think there was too much smokyness going on but the meat itself was perfectly tender if a little fatty in parts – much flavour though.  Sauce that it came with was a little boring and reminded me of the staple plum sauce to be found in asian restaurants, while the dumplings didnt seem to add much value to the equation. Still more than okay though and unusual.

Dessert was tasty and very pretty, the lime sauce + berry sorbet lifted the chocolate cake to another level.

NB: One of the desserts on the menue was a celeriac panna cotta with buckwheat ice-cream.  Very daring, but really would have liked to see that in the starter section.  Brain can’t compute buckwheat ice-cream idea.

JellyGoodFood Bottom Line:

Very enjoyable place with an exciting menue and impeccable service for a reasonable price.  Most people would be impressed really.  For Jelly however, there is something of a WoW factor missing there.  Meh maybe I need to go agan to make sure….

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