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March 27, 2012

I hate paying for food in a restaurant that I’m fully capable of cooking better myself – there’s almost no point going. I would be better off going home and making something for a fraction of the price, and twice the flavour and skill. This is one of the reasons I’m a big fan of The Good Food iPhone app. I have the book (of course) but it means you have to pre-plan where you’re going to go. When out, unless you’ve taken the book with you, its not always possible to find somewhere good to eat food!

Last week, as can be read in Ellies review of The Prince Alfred, we stumbled on a pub which has been in the Michelin Guide for the last few years, and it was great.  However, this place isn’t in the Good Food Guide (which is quite surprising in itself).  In fact the closest place that was in the good food guide was about 1 mile away.  This was when it first occurred to me to check to see if there was a Michelin Guide iPhone app.

To my surprise, there was an app, £3.99, but without a single review. It covers just the London area, but covers restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions – as recommended by The Michelin Guide. There wasn’t a single review of it in the app store, so I’m assuming that the number of downloads it gets are relatively small.


  • Search Restaurants, Hotels & Tourist Attractions by location or name
  •  Full offline access
  • Augmented reality mode (see overlay of Michelin rated places around you)
  • Customer reviews of restaurants/hotels/attractions


  • Search by distance from your location
  • Works completely offline (even uses its own built in maps)
  • A decent amount of information on each hotel/attraction/restaurant


  • Has crashed a few times already
  • Doesn’t have retina graphics
  • Last years data (eg. Pollen Street Social isn’t listed, when it received its star last year)
  • Over 500mb in size – massive for an app, and can’t be downloaded over 3G (iOS doesn’t let you)
  • Only covers London (other cities are paid extras)
  • Installs itself as an app called ‘Voyage’


Overall, the app does everything you would want it to! Search for the best restaurants, closest to your location. Its quick, and although its crashed a few times for me, the fact that its all offline is a very nice touch.

It’s a premium app, and in terms of iOS marketplace, its priced that way. If you eat out a lot at high quality places, but find yourself looking around too much, then this is the app for you! However, I would say, that on a personal preference, the Good Food Guide app is better.  Not because the app is so much better, but because I like the fact that the restaurants I can find in the Good Food Guide app aren’t going to be so highly – accordingly so –  priced.  When you combine both the apps, I’m pretty sure it means I’m going to find lots more treasures in London to eat in!

Jelly Good Food Rating: 8/10

I’d recommend it to any London foodie!


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