Home Made Scones – BBC Good Food Recipe

March 18, 2012

I love scones, I really do! Cream tea on a sunny english afternoon with a cup of good tea – it doesn’t get much better than that! (…unless could add a glass or two of champagne!)

After Ellie had made her really tasty Prawn Chowder, I knew I had to make something to keep up with her! I’d been looking around for a really interesting recipe for scones for a while, and stumbled on this on on BBC Good Food. This recipe is highly reviewed, and uses buttermilk instead of the normal milk & cream combo – so decided this was the one.


The recipe is really easy, and being my first time making scones, I’m pleasantly surprised how they came out.  They’re so much lighter than the shop bought ones; not dense in any way at all. The only way I differed from the recipe was to add sultanas – I’m not a huge fan of plain scones.

I doubled all the ingredients, and made twice the amount of scones for the recipe; no issues here. The only thing I would say (and it’s probably just our oven) is that I had to move them around several times to get them to brown evenly.  This isn’t ideal at all, as you introduce cold air into the oven.

A good thing that I did learn during this was how to change from a crusty topped scone to a soft topped scone! If you want crusty tops, just let them cool in the open air. However, if you want a softer topped scone, gently place a clean cloth over them and it will soften the tops nicely 🙂

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this recipe and definitely make them again – yum!

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