Bistro Warszawa – dinner in Warsaw

March 6, 2012
  • Restaurant: Bistro Warszawa
  • Location: Rynek Starego Miasta, Warsaw
  • Price: 160 PLM = circa £31 for two including drinks
  • Service: 10
  • Food: 7
  • Design & Vibe: 9
  • Jelly Good Food Rating: 8

I didnt want to go in there because it’s litterally in the main square – the location makes it look like a tourist trap.  However it was so cold and so dark on this monday night that when my collegue suggested it, I didnt argue – not like I had any better ideas.

I guess when you have low expectations is easy to impress but regardless, this little bistro turned out to be a total treat.  Its  new with a nordic/eclectic design, a piano and lots of books.  The manager that runs the place is perfectly sweet, professional, charming and efficient.  The wine selection is brilliant and the prices not obscene.  You get lemoncello when you ask for the bill…

We both ordered:

Duck With Raspeberry sauce and apples, on a bed of barley, garnished with cherries

Admittedly the duck dish was not completely balanced in terms of flavours, but as the ingredients separately were all so delicious, and my favourites I didn’t mind too much.  I have to say – I love this place!


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