We decide to invite friends for dinner….

March 3, 2012

Friday 2nd of March –

10am – Our dinner invites are graciously accepted.

4pm – J declares he wants to design the menue for tomorow’s dinner tonight and order all ingridients for delivery tommorow am.

7pm – With our Macs on the sofa – Cant decide what to cook, can’t decide what to cook….

7.30pm – We get into a fight over the menue.  I dont want to make the beef bourguignon  because I’ve never had a good one, J doesn’t want to cook fish for main course because starters will be seafood based.

8pm – Figured out the starters and dessert and ordered the ingredients, still no idea re main course.  Jack it all in and watch Modern Family.

Saturday 3rd of March

8.54am – Waiting for ingredients delivery….still not here yet….

9.54am – Still no delivery, 6 mins to go until Tesco is late.

9.57am – Tesco delivery gets here… but with a few of our key ingredients missing, plus the blackberries are in  a tin instead of fresh somehow….

11.34 – Guest M pulls out  for main meal and will be only joining for dessert.  Still have 2 guests lefts though.

11.35 – J starts making pannacottas:

11.38 – The milk and cream over-boils – J swears loudly.

11.52 – Still no plan for main course.

11.53  – Strategic decision reached to send Ellie to the butchers to hunt for fresh meat while Jonathan stays at home, listens to Rihanna and bakes cakes (the little madeleines that will be served with the panacottas)

13.33 – Ellie brings back some poussins from the butcher’s (Harry’s Fine Foods  – Kentish Town) and a bunch of other stuff…

13.40 – J attempts to make madeleines for first time ever.  Dough too runny – adapts recipe to make them Madeleine “style” cakes instead of madeleines.  We also discover that 1 side of our oven is hotter than the other as per 1 over-brownish cake below:

14.00 – Marinating the poussins –  I used Rosemary, Thyme, Garlic, crushed lemon and lemon zest (any excuse to use new lemon zester), butter and olive oil + salt and pepper of course.  I stuck two fingers between the body of the chicken and the skin and just kinda stuffed as much of my marinade there as I could – the rest went inside the bird.

14.40 – J makes Dauphinoise potatoes using Desiree potato type, as thats what the Potato council recommend:


14.40 – At this point the photos kinda stopped as we realised that we still have to clean up, shower ect.  Rushing around…

15.00 – Soak wild mushrooms, chop fresh mushrooms, peel parsnips, peel radishes, prep scallops blah blah.

17.00 – Guest M drops in for an unexpected early visit.  Break for wine.

18.15 – More rushing around…Just 45 mins to go!





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