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Greedy Tea and Cake at the Museum (Novus, Singapore)

February 28, 2012

Cafe: Novus, Courtyard

Location: National Museum of Singapore

Price: 24 Singapore $ – circa £12 (including tea)

Sweet café in the spacious lobby of the newly refurbed Museum – civilised and peacefull with some artisan cakes on display to lure you in.  There is a rather posh restaurant attached too, but we were really just after the cakes at this point.  The menue suggested to chose 3 or 6 from the selection of petit fours and mini cakes.  So of-course we ordered 6 out of greediness, which turned out to be way too many.  Eyes bigger than my tummy, as usual.


We had:

Chocolate Test (5 layers of different chocholite mousse)

Mini Red Velvet

Lime Candle Pie

Carrot Cake

Raspberry Merengue

Lemon Tart with Citrus Elements

There really is no point picking out the best from these as they were all made really well…mmm cake… and yes they all taste as good as they look(oh and the museum history section is surprisingly good too)!


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