Italian/ Singapore/ £90+

Gattopardo – Sicilian in Singapore, Hotel Fort Canning

February 28, 2012
  • Restaurant: Gattopardo
  •  Location: Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore
  • Cost: 370 Singapore$ circa £190 (including wine)
  • Service: 8
  • Food Rating: 5
  • Jelly Good Food Rating: 5

Final night in the Far East called for an extra special dinner so we decided on Gattopardo where Lino Sauro is head Chef.  This restaurant came well reviewed, quite pricey and also hailed as Italian fine dining.

Between the two us we ordered:

Burrata Cheese with 24 month aged parma ham

 Amberjack with Sea Urchin Vinaigrette  – served with smoked caviar

Homemade Squid Ink Spaghetti with Alaskan King Crab and Cognac Sauce

Raviolli with Prawns and Black Truffle

Turbot in ratatouille style sauce

Herb-Roasted Pork Belly in Wood Fired Oven

(we were hungry…and curious!)

Much like the Titanic’s maiden voyage, our gastronomic voyage too commenced with much jubilation and also like the Titanic’s ended tragically, in relative terms, of-course.

Impatient and giddy we awaited our first course, munching on the wafer thin chilli breadsticks, dipping them into their designated extra virgin olive oil.

The Antipasti were served and they were indeed very good, especially J’s Barrata cheese.  My Amberjack was served at room temperature, which I found surprising for a fish Carpaccio dish, however I wasn’t going to let that raise my suspicions at this stage so I focused my attention on the unusual smoked caviar  that was served with the Amberjack – very interesting!

The pasta course followed soon after.

My Ink Sphaghetti dish looked good, was well seasoned and was overall really enjoyable though I didn’t taste much of the intended cognac.   J’s truffle/prawn ravioli however were significantly over-salted, though still edible, thus taking away from the joy of truffle.  Hmmm.

Finally, our respective meat and fish courses were served – Turbot for me and Pork Belly for J.

Their mere sight did not alarm us in any way, so full steam ahead we dug in.  The turbot in fact turned out fine, just not to my taste at all – it was dressed with braised mushrooms and tomatoes– a combination I don’t agree with based just on personal preference (though J found it fine).

The pork belly was served up in three slabs placed artfully across a smidgen of mashed potato and a thimble-full of sauce.  This dish would do for our meal what the iceberg did for the Titanic.

From the first forkful it was a disaster – it tasted massively greasy, gooey and yucky.  The layers of fat constituted most of it and had not been roasted sufficiently to melt the requisite amount.  The end result was just slabs of lukewarm fatty matter with a miniscule layer of meat lost somewhere amongst it all.

We refused dessert and were served lemon sorbet to clear the palette, which was in effect delicious, but not quite enough to make up for that pork.

Overall there were some highs and lows during our Gattopardo experience however we left feeling disappointed considering the status and the prices this restaurant commands.

NB their wine selection was rather good and the water served was amusingly the version of San Pellegrino that “Sparkles with Bulgari” 


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