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Tisettanta Lounge, Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore

February 26, 2012

Located in the lobby of  Fort Canning Hotel, Tisettanta Lounge is the centrepiece bar – it’s run by the same guys who who run the Gattopardo restaurant next door – both are Italian themed.   Tisettanta provides hot and cold snacks and also a small selection of cocktails beyond the normal options.

We had the breaded and fried mozzarella balls  – filled with anchovies and dressed with pesto.  First time for us both mixing anchovies with mozzarella but it kind of works.

Manghini cocktails: refreshing  – mango puree with Prosecco

Other amusements at the Tisettanta lounge:

Also, when you pay the bill they give you cookies…dont pass these up as they are delectable, (probably because they are so small that you feel like eating more when they are all gone and it seems greedy to ask as they were free initially and besides totally inappropriate after cocktails –  its the “want what you cant have factor”).









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