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Living Room Penang – poopy prawns

February 24, 2012

Restaurant: Living Room

  • Location: Penang, Batu Ferringhi
  • Food Rating: 2
  • Service: 7
  • Cost: 98 RM circa £25 (including beers)
  • Overall Jelly Good Food Rating: 3

Living Room is Ranked #1 of 21 restaurants in Batu Ferringhi. Raving reviews of this place all over trip advisor.

The lighting here is harsh and the walls are plastered with beer ads – its an inexpensive cafe. However, due to hype reviews we hoped this would be a hidden gem amongst the tourist traps.
Walking in the place was packed, however not a single local in sight…

Pet hate with king prawns – its when they are not deveined i.e. the gastro-intestinal tract not removed or in other words the poop left in. I realise this is a controversial topic and there are lots of people out there who “don’t mind” when the prawns are not deveined first. Our logic is that since we pay someone to prepare our dinner, it should be properly prepared and a thick line of poop left in, inside a jumbo king prawn, means its not.

Personally I think its less of an issue if the prawns are small – they still taste gritty when not deveined but I can get over it if its the odd one in there, however on big king prawns, there really is no excuse.

So this is what we were served at Living Room as prawn fritters – they came served together with traditonal malay dish of “chips” :

All the big prawns came covered in batter, and when you cut it, you see all the poop that wasn’t removed – really put us off the rest of the meal.

Here is what we ordered beyond the “prawn fritters” above:

  • Salt and Pepper Squid
  • Chicken Satay
  • Kapitan Vegetable Curry


The chicken was fine, the salt and pepper squid soggy (yet not rubbery – Ill give them that) and the curry tasted as if it was made from a pre-made curry powder. I admit we were biased after the prawns scenario.

We came to the conclusion that this place caters to a very specific kind of tourist, who is not interested in authentic local food, or in any kind cooking to a standard, hence the good reviews.

It if you are serious about food, avoid, avoid, avoid.

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