Lunch @ Singapore Zoo

February 20, 2012
  • Restaurant: Ah Meng
  • Location: Singapore Zoo
  • Cost: 24 Singapore Dollars, circa £12 (including iced teas)
  • Service: NA (Self service)
  • Food Rating: 8
  • Value for Money: 10
  • Overall Jelly Good Food Rating: 8

We ordered:
Chicken biriyani
Dim Sum selection
2 Lemon Iced Teas

Price and crowds considered, really good food!  Certainly ten better than anything you’d hope to get at a tourism attraction anywhere else in my experience.  Chicken biryani quite mild and good.  Some of the dim sum I wasn’t 100% sure about and still dont know what the white side soup was, so dont go there unless you know a lot about dim sum already, still to the mild curry or some of the other chicken options.  Still quite okay overall though.

Teas were incredibly good and refreshing, made on the premises they didn’t pile them high with sugar – dream hot weather drink.

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