Breakfast & Brunch/ Singapore

Breakfast at Mercure Roxy

February 19, 2012

Breakfast buffet featured some local breakfasty foods so my breakfast consisted of:


Soon kueh (dumpling looking things which I covered in the sauce)

Pau ( The round thing below)

Fried Noodles

Egg custard

So to be fair I had no idea what to expect from most of these dishes.

It turned out the Pau was a sweet type of thing and shouldn’t have really been on my plate with the rest of the savoury stuff.  Oh well, live and learn.   More about this pau  – it is a type of steamed  filled pastry with what Im guessing was chestnut flavoured bean curd and something else.  Either way its pretty pleasant, I think its from the Chinese dim-sum family of dishes.

Fried Noodles – great stuff, egg custard a bit flavourless for my liking but great texture.

Now, the Soon Kueh on the other hand was the star of this plate – literally Soon Kueh means Bamboo Shoots Dumpling, however these were apparently filled with turnips, they are quite strongly spiced however so you cant really tell when you eat it, whats inside, only that its pretty good.  Served with sweet soy and chilli sauce.

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