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White Pepper Crab and Drunken Prawns from No Signboard Seafood

February 18, 2012
  • Restaurant: No Signboard Seafood
  •  Location: East Coast Parkway, Singapore
  • Cost: 145 Singapore $ circa £72 (including beers)
  • Service: 6
  • Food Rating: 8.5
  • Overall Jelly Good Food Rating: 8


We ordered:

White Pepper Crab

Drunken Prawns

Yang-Chow Fried Rice

Jon let me rate this one because his take on this restaurant is quite different from mine not because of quality of food, but because  our attitudes towards this kind of thing are quite apart.  Messy seafood, with heads, tails, shells and all might not just be your kind of thing.

Firstly I should explain that Im mad about seafood, and dont mind getting messy with it, infact I enjoy it.  This meal required diving in and peeling your own prawns, removing heads ect and you were provided with a nut cracker to get your crab meat out for yourself out of the various crabby parts served.  Very yummy, greasy fingers, very frustrating if you are very hungry!

For me however I loved spending ages doing just that – and the flavours more than made up for all the hard work.  (I also felt pretty naughty making such a huge mess of the table which actually made me feel pretty renegade, until I went to the bathroom and realised that the locals, were even messier than me with this crab)

There is a reason why pepper crab is the most famous dish in Singapore, its simply incredible and you should never go to singapore without at least trying it.

The drunken prawns were pretty special too, being served witha  huge bowl of alcoholicy soup.  Even the rice flavours were brilliant.

Pretty exciting meal for me!


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