Jelly Good Food: 45 min

No Comments Horseradished Salmon on a bed of Pearl Barley Risotto Ready in: 45 min JellyGoodFood idea: Semi-healthy and different weeknight meal. Ingredients: Fillet of Salmon Mayo Creamed Horseradish Pearl Barley 100g or so Peas Crème Fraiche – here low fat option Chicken Stock Coriander Mangetout A couple of mushrooms Clove... Read MoreSunday, 06 May 2012 - Posted by
No Comments Rockabilly Night at Jelly’s (Home-made Burgers) Ingredients: A playlist of Rockabilly classics (for cheesy upbeat rockabilly try The Baseballs) Vanilla IceCream + Ice + Milk (for Milkshakes) For Home-made Burgers: Really good quality beef mince 400g + 100g lamb Mince 1 Onion 1 Egg Coriander 2 Cloves... Read MoreWednesday, 04 April 2012 - Posted by