Jelly Good Food: 10 min

No Comments Easy-peasy yummy brunch idea Very simple and quick brunch suggestion. Ingredients: Croissant (just baked from frozen, or fresh ones if you can be bothered to go outside and retrieve these) Bacon slice, trimmed Mushrooms Р chopped and fried Cheddar (to melt on top) Fresh... Read MoreTuesday, 19 March 2013 - Posted by
Comments (2) Smoked chicken salad Ready in: 10 min Smoked chicken Baby-leaf¬†salad (pre washed) Granary Slided bread, toasted and cut into little squares for croutons. Capers (Optional) Dressing: Wholegrain mustard – a lot! Creme Fraiche, Virgin Olive Oil, Pepper, Lemon Juice. Simples! … and quick.... Read MoreSunday, 12 February 2012 - Posted by