Dinner with friends – the results

Smugness rating: 8/10


The final menue:

Scallop on a bed of radishes with french dressing

Salad of Smoked Salmon and Kind prawn with horseradish cream and lime dressing

Herbed roast poussin on a bed of wild mushrooms with dauphinoise potatoes and roast parsnips

Lemon and Vanilla Panacotta with blackberry coulis and a little cake


Wines in order of serving

Coltbridge Wineyards, High Eden Chardonay 2010

Ocean’s Edge Pinot Noir 2009

Beneficio Shiraz Maclaren Vale  2008


Apologies for photo quality.  (I got kinda carried away with friends, wine and actual food…)

Some thoughts…

Our friends were kind enough to be impressed with our efforts but I still we have a little while to go yet before we can produce flawless dinners.

Overall I’d say pretty much everything we made tasted really good, but presentation could have been better.  The wine paring was the highlight of the meal, somehow we got it just right. I also totally loved J’s panacotta  – its exactly my kind of dessert and once you know what you are doing doesn’t even take that long – will definitely be asking him to make that again.  The poussins were fun to  serve – there is something quite awesome about having your own chicken on a plate.

Thus I award team Jelly smugness rating of 8 out of 10 points for how pleased we feel with ourselves for our culinary efforts.

Phew!  Lazy cooking day for us today I think!