Smoked chicken salad

Ready in: 10 min

  • Smoked chicken
  • Baby-leaf salad (pre washed)
  • Granary Slided bread, toasted and cut into little squares for croutons.
  • Capers (Optional)
  • Dressing: Wholegrain mustard – a lot! Creme Fraiche, Virgin Olive Oil, Pepper, Lemon Juice.

Simples! … and quick.

Key is to actually find the smoked chicken, I have been struggling to get hold of one in the UK for a while, so when I saw it whole and *smoked* at my local butchers this weekend (The Pure Meat Co at Kentish Town Road) I couldn’t get it home fast enough.  This smoked chicken has so much flavour that it turns salad into a treat.  Also makes man eat salad.

Plus you can make low carb version cutting down on the croutons.